Ticket Fare

  • For Shore temple and Five rathas: Rs.10 for Indian citizens and Rs.250/- or US $ 5 for others. Admission is free for all below the age of 15
  • A ticket purchased at one monument is valid at the other
  • Admission to the rest of the monuments located in the hillock area and other places is free as of now
  • No fee for still photography with handheld cameras.
  • Rs.25/- for videography with handheld cameras. A simple form may be filled at the counter to get permission

Hours of opening:
0600 hrs. to 1800 hrs. on all days. Sale of admission tickets will be closed at 1730 hrs.

Dressing restrictions
Dress in whatever you find comfortable.

You are close to a local bazaar which sells pretty local souvenirs and delicious seafood snacks.

Other things to see in Mahabalipuram

The centre of Mamallapuram is filled with cheap backpacker guesthouses, some better than others. The beach resorts along the coast offer a better standard of accommodation. The Mamallapuram beach itself is not the prettiest or the cleanest beaches in India but there is some nicer coastline to the South and to the North from the town beach. The tsunami hit Mamallapuram badly in 2004 but the town has recovered well. In some restaurants on the beach you’ll see a black line painted close to the ceiling to illustrate how high the waves were.

Mamallapuram is a stone carving centre and you’ll hear the carvers at work throughout the day, and sometimes at night. Stone sculptures are on sale on the road that leads to the five rathas and they are also sold to Hindu temples around the world.’

Dance Festival at Mahabalipuram

The internationally acclaimed and globally renowned “Mahabalipuram Dance Festival” is organised by the Department of Tourism, Government of Tamil Nadu every year in Mahabalipuram – the renowned and ancient 7th century centre for Pallava culture and arts.

The Dance festival starts on the 25th of December every year and is conducted on all Saturdays and Government holidays, upto February first week.Dancers and musicians of repute from India and abroad thrill the crowds every year. Folk dances of India are an added attraction.


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